The Kiran Shield

Developed by the mage Kiran, the Kiran Shield enlarges the mana storage of the wearer a little (five mana points) while at the same time protecting like a normal square shield.

Kiran hid the shield in dungeon Despise. It was sought after by the treasure hunters Castro, Felix, Mourdin, and Thadious. The Avatar found it there in Ultima IX, by putting together four different colored stones. It was destroyed by Armageddon at the end of the game.


I include this because my own father spent years creating shields and weaponry before he began studying the art of enchanting. His final creation was a shield that gives the bearer a bonus to their magical reserves. The shield was left in my possession, but each of my brothers felt it belonged to them. I have placed the shield in the dungeon of Despise, and hidden it, only to be found when the key is placed on the proper stands. I have divided the key, the Kiran Stone, and given each of my brothers the location of one of the pieces, in the hopes that they might put aside their differences and work together to find the shield that belonged to our father and mentor.

- from Kiran's Compendium (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • The shield has a defensive value of 2-4 and block chance of 30%.[1]

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  1. McCubbin, Chris et al. "Weapons". Ultima IX Strategy Guide (Ultima IX). Prima Publishing: 1999. Pages 56-61.

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