Kissme, from Ultima VII
Species: Fairy
Ultima VII
Location: Ambrosia

The party chats with Kissme Kissme.

Kissme Kissme is a Fairy. Quite a bizarre but friendly being, she is happy all day, throwing around her love dust (which doesn't seem to work), on the island of Ambrosia. She hasn't a care in the world, and seems to love everyone she encounters.

The Avatar and Companions met her in Ultima VII, where she gave them some advice concerning the Hydra in the caves beyond, and told them about the meteor that had hit the island. She was also throwing around kisses toward the male members of the party, much to the annoyance of Dupre, who was only annoyed by her presence and tried to avoid her kisses.

Trivia Edit

  • Her love dust actually prevents magic from working.
  • She is invulnerable to everything except the Black Sword. She doesn't carry anything.

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