Kliftin, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Jhelom

Kliftin is a retired soldier who runs an armory Jhelom.

The Avatar met Kliftin in Ultima VII, and spoke with him regarding his former life as a fighter, and how his skills suturing wounds as a field medic eventually translated into his current abilities as a tailor. Kliftin was one of the few residents of Jhelom to voice his distaste with the constant dueling, and the old armorer proved sympathetic when informed that Sprellic, the innkeeper, had unwittingly earned himself the wrath of the Library of Scars by mistakenly taking their "honor flag," which was then stolen from him by an impostor claiming to be the Avatar (likely Sullivan, the trickster).

Kliftin offered to assist in mending the situation by crafting a false honor flag. He claimed that once the Library accepted it, its members would be loathe to admit that they had been duped by a counterfeit, should the substitution ever be uncovered. The flag was eventually made and delivered to the fighters, who withdrew their various challenges against Sprellic.

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VII the Avatar has several options by which the affair with Sprellic and the Library of Scars can be resolved. It is possible for the hero to kill Syria, Timmons and Vokes in combat as Sprellic's champion, or to simply murder Sprellic before the duel. The creation of the false honor flag, however, is considered the canonical solution, as Ultima Underworld II features Syria and mentions Sprellic as being very much alive.

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