The Knight's Bridge Field

The Knight's Bridge Field is a huge game board belonging to the game of the same name, standing south of Empath Abbey, directly at the road. Everything is already set for the next game for whoever travels by. Quite an unusual and interesting sight it is.

The rules Edit

The rules, according to the book "Knight's Bridge in a nutshell" by Nicodemus, are as follows:

This is a board game for two players. Each player begins with three pieces. The object is to move thy three pieces in concert in order to force the treasure from the center of the board to thine own side. All the while, thine opponent shall be attempting to do the same. Each turn consists of a player either "moving" or "pushing" a piece followed by a similar action by the opposing player.

A legal "move" consists of placing one's piece in any adjacent, unoccupied black or white square. A legal "push" is performed when a player forces a piece, either an opponent's or the treasure, one space directly away from his piece. The exception to the latter rule, making a "push" illegal, occurs when a player wishes to "push" a piece into the space from which it just left in the preceding turn.

If any piece, excluding the treasure, is "pushed" onto a blue square or off the board, that piece is considered lost, and is removed from play. The treasure may not be "pushed" off the board. To win the game, a player must "push" the treasure to the back row of squares on his side of the board.

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