A Knight of the Crux Ansata

Former warriors of Jhelom were the first to volunteer for Sir Cabirus' project of a colony in the Abyss. They formed the "Knights of the Crux Ansata" (meaning Ankh), hoping to rival the Order of the Silver Serpent in the future. They were very disciplined and responsible for providing order in the Abyss colony, having their headquarters in the 4th level of the Abyss. They were all trapped inside when the colony was closed.

In Ultima Underworld I, the Avatar met the knights on their level, where they had managed to hold their ranks together. The Avatar joined them after fulfilling some quests, and after killing the rogue knight Rodrick, receiving the Standard of Honor from them. They had also held the Taper of Sacrifice, but mad Zak had stolen it from them. Being a knight opened the armoury for the Avatar, and the other knights shared many interesting mantras.

The knights evacuated when the colony was destroyed, but were never heard of again, indicating that their order in the end had either failed, or was absorbed by the Order of the Silver Serpent or any other order.

Important Members Edit

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