Komor, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Komor is a beggar in Paws, begging on the streets together with his friend Fenn.

Before the seven year drought, Komor had been one of the most wealthy farmers of Paws, being born from a wealthy family. However, the drought ruined him totally, resulting in him, together with his friends Fenn and Merrick, ending up penniless.

Years later, the Avatar met him in Ultima VII on the streets of Paws. By this time, Komor already had to go on crutches after thieves, disappointed that he had no gold, had beaten him to a cripple. After a small donation, Komor told his story with a dose of black humor (for example, being asked about his job he sarcastically suggests to be a dancer). He and Fenn were still best friends even in their poverty, but Merrick he felt had betrayed them by joining the Fellowship just to live in the Homeless Shelter. Komor despised him for that and his tries to make them join as well had only deepened his grave dislike for his former friend.

His opinion on the Fellowship was also clear, he gravely disliked them. He felt they were a bunch of hypocrites and he would rather live in poverty than damage his integrity by joining them. His mistrust was well deserved, as seen later.

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