Koranada, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Serpent's Hold

Koranada is a fighter in Serpent's Hold in Ultima VI.

Koranada, the leader of the Order of the Silver Serpent, was glad to welcome the Avatar into the hallowed halls of Serpent's Hold. Koranada told the Avatar that he was originally born in Greyhaven, and would have become a lighthouse keeper like his father Kulebra, if an earthquake had not destroyed the island. He further confided in the Avatar that his former teacher Conor Starfalcon, who now resided humbly in New Magincia, taught him that a hero seeks to act with awareness of the conflict of the virtues instead of acting on instinct.

Koranada believed that the Avatar's previous acts of courage warranted a place within the order, so he readily extend an offer of membership to the Order of the Silver Serpent, directing the Avatar towards Gherick the smithy to receive a magical silver serpent shield.

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