Korick, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Korick is the blacksmith of Tenebrae on Pagan in Ultima VIII.

Korick revealed himself to be a very humble, honest, and honorable man, quite unlike many of his fellow people. He spoke a lot about the other people, the surroundings of Tenebrae, and especially how his work fulfilled him. However, he didn't want to comment on the political situation out of fear, but and also slipped several times, revealing that he had a secret. Since Korick didn't want to reveal it, the Avatar for the moment only used his services to buy weapons and armour.

Only after Mordea had died he revealed his secret. He was a Zealan, and had a strong belief into the gods Amoras, Odion and Apathas. He revealed himself to have little to no trust in the Elemental Titans and was absolutely sure that the gods of old would return one day.

Later the Avatar enlisted his help to create Theurgy foci out of silver ore, so that spells from that school of magic could be cast.

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