Located in central Eodon, the Kurak Tribe, whose ancestors came from South American Indian tribes, is one of the most accepting tribes in Eodon. Their village is located in a jungle, and the tribe's main occupation is hunting and their feud with the Yolaru Tribe, which is located east of their village. It's an enmity that goes back many years and is not easily broken.

When the Avatar arrived on Eodon in Savage Empire, the Kurak Tribe was his first contact with the natives, in the form of their princess Aiela. However, Darden the Huge from the Urali Tribe kidnapped her and injured the Avatar. After the tribe had nursed the hero back to health, they hoped that the stranger could rescue their princess.

The Avatar managed to free Aiela from Darden's clutches, and thus gained chief Aloron's support in uniting the tribes against the Myrmidex threat, an idea that Aiela had proposed before the Avatar's arrival with little success.

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The Kurak were one of the more interesting cultures of the lost valley. Evidently descended from certain South American Indian tribes (or so their dialect attests), they appear to have profited more from interaction with other tribes than their fellows. Their legends make it clear that they have frequently accepted exiles into their ranks, particularly exiled warriors and runaways from other tribes. This has certainly profited their gene pool and given them a reputation as the valley's "melting pot" tribe.
A tribe of deep jungles, the Kuraks revere the jaguars, and some of the tribesmen actually appear to develop emotional bonds with the wild felines.
The Kuraks are famed in the valley as stealthy warriors, as very accurate spearmen and bowmen. Though they have a history of warfare with the Yolaru, they are much like that tribe in many ways.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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