Lady Hayden
Lady Hayden, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Lycaeum
Description: scholar

Lady Hayden is a young scholar at the Lycaeum in the time of Ultima V who enjoys riding horses. She identifies Lord R'hien as her companion.

In Ultima V: Lazarus, Hayden was born into a family of horse-traders in Trinsic. Her work in the stables gave her a fine appreciation of horses and a love for riding. She met a young knight named R'hien when he came looking for a new steed. Friendship between them grew, but he eventually returned to Serpent's Hold and she (when her talent was discovered by a passing mage) chose to go to the Lycaeum to study the arts of magic. They kept in contact up until the year Blackthorn's tyranny began, when R'hien (now a full member of the Order of the Silver Serpent) moved to the Lycaeum. The two wed, and remained in residence at the Keep of Truth. Because the two went riding regularly, they chanced to find Mariah, wounded by a Shadowlord, in the forest one night. The two, knowing that the Avatar's companions were outlawed, nevertheless took Mariah to the Lycaeum for healing.


  • In Lazarus, you can find and return Lady Hayden's toy centaur.


  • Lady Hayden's grandmother was intended to be an NPC in Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue, a now defunct Ultima remake. The toy centaur would have featured in a quest in Trinsic.

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