Lady Jehanne
Lady Jehanne, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

Lady Jehanne is the Provisioner of Serpent's Hold during the time of Ultima VII and has a relationship with Sir Pendaran.

When meeting her the first time, Lady Jehanne mostly spoke of her job, revealing that she even had a ship, The Dragon's Breath, for sale. However, upon mentioning Sir Pendaran, she became quite talkative and spoke of how she'd met him three years ago, speaking of his sparrings with Menion, which were a thing of the past now that Menion was training others. She also was a little concerned that the Fellowship had somehow changed Pendaran.

When asked about Jordan's claim that he heard her the night of the vandalism, Jehanne finally admitted that Pendaran had changed a lot since joining the Fellowship. She admitted that it was Pendaran who'd vandalized the statue and had injured Sir Horffe. She was desperate to find out what had changed him so much that he would do that.

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