Lady Leigh
Lady Leigh, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

Lady Leigh is the healer of Serpent's Hold in Ultima VII. She is said to have never lost a patient in her whole career.

The Avatar met her in her healer's chambers. Leigh lived mostly for her work, but gave some insights on the other people living in the fortress, especially Denton's sharp wits and the backstory of the gargoyle-knight Sir Horffe, and how he came to grow up in the fortress.

The Avatar then spoke with her about the mystery of the vandalized statue of Lord British. Lady Leigh analyzed the blood on the stone chips given by Sir Richter, surprisingly concluding, that it was the blood of Sir Horffe, who later was proven innocent however. But it was one of the key stones to solve the mystery and find the real culprit. Leigh, like all healers, thought little of the Fellowship, since they disliked her profession.

Other than that, Leigh of course also offered her services with moderate prices to the Avatar. Without discounts, she was the cheapest healer in Britannia.

Trivia Edit

  • Of course like many people in Serpent's Hold, she is a homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Lady Leigh has a stunning similarity to Dr. Beverly Crusher.

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