Lambert is a Fighter of Valoria.

When the Avatar met him at the city gate in Ultima IX, he was easily manipulated by the cowardly Eris to deny entrance, not daring to go against his new commander (the old had vanished). However, Lambert felt that a deed of courage would gain the Avatar entrance, namely the head of a red dragon. Lambert said that one could be found in the dungeon Destard, but that Sir Drake had sealed the entrance and there were only rumors of another entrance covered in ice.

After Avatar had managed to get the head, Lambert kept his word, and against Eris, opening the gate. However, he didn't take too well the news of the death of his brother Reynald, when the Avatar gave him his shield. Still, the spirit of his brother managed to convince him to battle one of the three daemons once the Avatar planned a simultaneous attack. Lambert was able to defeat his daemon in battle.

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