Lanterns are enclosed, sometimes portable, light sources. They appear in Martian Dreams, Ultima Underworld I, Ultima Underworld II and Ultima IX.



A lantern consists of a candle or an oil lamp which has been ensconced in a glass housing to protect it from the elements. While fixed lanterns have been used as streetlights in urban parts of Britannia since the reign of Lord Blackthorn, handheld lanterns enjoyed considerably less popularity in the realm, and only found their way into common use in the last days of the Age of Armageddon. Other worlds, such as Earth, Tarna, Rhiannon and Anodunos all appear to employ oil-fueled portable lanterns regularly.

Magic LanternEdit

Main article: Magic Lantern

The Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII features a magical lantern, which is used by the Avatar to make contact with the secluded wisps of the Deep Forest.

Trivia Edit

  • The runic spell Mending could be used to magically refuel lanterns in Ultima Underworld II.
  • The streetlights of the Ophidian cities were lit by strange globular lanterns which were powered by a mixture of the reagents agnium, serpentinium and zerine.

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