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Leavell, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Leavell is a pirate who acts as the bodyguard of Robin.

The Avatar found him with Battles and Robin stranded on New Magincia in Ultima VII. Leavell complained how New Magincia's infrastructure and populous were unworthy of his respect, with the exception of Constance. Others had described him as a keen lady's man.

Leavell went on to tell the Avatar how they had held back the guard Sintag at the House of Games in Buccaneer's Den, so that their employer Robin could cheat at will. It became ugly when Sintag called to his goons and so they had to leave. However, their ship had broken apart in a storm, causing them to become stranded on the island.

Later, after the Avatar learned of Robin's plan to kidnap Constance, the three men attacked the Avatar and companions to try to remove any witnesses to their crimes. However, they died in the following battle.

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