Legrand Antoine Couillard
Legrand Antoine Couillard, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: Olympus

Legrand Antoine Couillard was a member of the human settlement of Olympus on Mars.

When the Avatar met him in Martian Dreams he had been ordered by Jack Segal to guard the smashed-up Dream Machine. Legrand was highly upset and concerned over the fate of his brother, Jean, who had gone into the Olympus mines for more ore. He agreed to let the Avatar's group in to see the Dream Machine if they first searched for his brother in the mines.

The group indeed discovered Jean in the mines, on the verge of death, mortally wounded by Rockworms. Jean gave the Avatar his Masonic symbol to bring back to Legrand as proof of what happened to him. When they returned to Legrand, he was grief-stricken, but managed to regain his composure and allow them in to see the Dream Machine.

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