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Lenora, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Yew

Lenora is mayor of Yew and head of the High Court in Ultima VI.

Lenora was the suspicious, stern, and unfriendly woman in charge of the Britannian justice system. Lenora knew the mantra of justice, but was apprehensive about giving it to the Avatar when asked, figuring that the Avatar should already know it.

Lenora informed the Avatar that the Rune of Justice had formerly been buried with the previous Lord Mayor of Yew, but a thief by the name of Boskin had stolen the rune and hidden it. When asked, Lenora gave the Avatar permission to speak with the thief to ascertain the location of the rune. Boskin claimed to have stolen the rune to feed his children, but when the Avatar asked Lenora about Boskin's claim, she told the Avatar that Boskin was without family.

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