Lens Tower in action

The three lens towers located at the north pole of Mars are, together with the pumping station, an integral part of the martian water system. The three lenses are used to melt the ice of the polar cap and fill the channels of the planet with water.

By the time of Martian Dreams, the towers had fallen into disrepair. The first (found at 55N, 100E) had a defective motor and the Avatar had to ask Thomas Edison in Olympus to repair it. The second (at 59N, 23W) was overgrown with weeds and had to be freed with weedkillers. The third (at 55N, 125W) had a broken lens, that needed to be repaired by Louis Comfort Tiffany in Elysium.

With all these conditions fulfilled, using the towers finally enabled the Avatar to restore a source of water for the canals, as well as free the way to the north pole lab, which had been buried beneath the ice for some time.

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