Lerei, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Lerei is the prisonkeeper of the Disquiqui Tribe in Savage Empire. She is practically the only sober member of the whole tribe, and it shows.

Lerei admitted that her job was usually easy because the Disquiqui warriors were usually not good enough to capture any prisoners. She was annoyed that they had managed to capture Jimmy Malone, and now she was forced to feed and look after him.

She had to correct Chafblum when he stumbled over his words and made an embarrassing faux-pas, in order to not make him look even more of a fool than he already was (Chafblum said the other tribes were "humiliating" them, when he meant to say "attacking"). She also showed to have a distaste of Guoblum (a feeling that was mutual), and a low opinion of their wannabe-shaman, Larrifin.

When the Avatar was required to put a noisemaker on the Tyrannosaurus they had named "Sharptooth," Lerei suggested the Avatar use the Spear of Shamap -- a normal spear with the tip soaked in 'plachta' -- to temporarily disable the dinosaur in order to put a warning bell around its neck.