Liana, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Liana is the secretary of mayor Auston in Vesper.

In Ultima VII she talked about how she had much work to do. She mentioned that Vesper was thankfully far away from Britain because it gravitated strange people. Digging deeper, it became clear fast, that she either had a bad opinion about people (she thought of the tavernkeeper Yongi as a drunk and called the miner Mara far too masculine) or only a superficial one.

She also thought that the mayor was too tolerant for this job. She revealed herself to be a strong racist against the Gargoyles, giving the Avatar propaganda for the Britannian Purity League. The only human she really couldn't stand was Blorn and she said that the only good thing about him was his hatred of Gargoyles.

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