Library of Scars

The Library of Scars is a renowned academy of fighters in the city of Jhelom.

When the Avatar first encountered the group in Ultima VII, the Library was led by Master De Snel, a swordsman who, unbeknownest to his students, once served as the chief assassin for the Fellowship. De Snel's methodology was famous throughout Britannia, and young hopefuls, such as Timmons from New Magincia, flocked to Jhelom in the hopes of gaining his eye.

The Library's weaponry all had a serpentine pattern to it, reflecting the academy's emblem, the snake, whose strike was said to resemble the fighting style of the Library - quick, silent, deadly.

The Avatar encountered the Library of Scars at a time when its members had rallied together against a mild-manner innkeeper named Sprellic, who through happenstance had accidentally stolen and lost the library's "honor flag," unintentionally signaling to the fighters that he felt he could best the entire Library in combat.

Eventually, the Avatar resolved the issue by having Kliftin, Jhelom's armorer and tailor, manufacture a replica honor flag, which was then returned to the Library of Scars.

Later, after De Snel's past was uncovered, he met his end at the hands of the Avatar and Syria was appointed headmaster.

Members Edit

Members of the Library of Scars in Ultima VII are:

  • De Snel: headmaster and trainer
  • Syria: a fighter from the South
  • Vokes: a mercenary native to Jhelom

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VII the Avatar has several options by which the affair with Sprellic and the Library of Scars can be resolved. It is possible for the hero to kill Syria, Timmons and Vokes in combat as Sprellic's champion, or to simply murder Sprellic before the duel. The creation of the false honor flag, however, is considered the canonical solution, as Ultima Underworld II features Syria and mentions Sprellic as being very much alive.

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