Lieutenant Vittek's letter

Lieutenant Vittek is a mysteriously absent person in Ultima VIII. His only sign are two letters the Avatar finds:


Most Honorable Lady Mordea, I have heard that the Skull of Quakes has been removed from the Upper Catacombs. I had believed that it would be safe within the Catacombs, for it is the only place it is used. Pray tell me, my Lady, what do you suggest I do about this situation? I have heard rumors that it presently may be within the Shrine, but I have grave doubts about it. I await your swift answer and am assured of your graciousness in this matter.

Lieutenant Vittek


Lieutenant Vittek- See that you meet me at the Docks as soon as you can. I have a solution to the missing Skull of Quakes dilemma.


After that nothing is heard of him again and the whole thing remains unresolved. The Skull of Quakes is then suddenly found in the Shrine of the Ancient Ones. Vittek most likely is a victim of Plot Cuts in Ultima VIII. Also it's possible that Vittek's part with the plot ends here. Since Mordea tells him to meet her at the docks and having a solution in hand, it is no wonder that Vittek isn't heard of again.

Trivia Edit

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