Lightning Whip

A normal Whip has a long range, but it isn't a very powerful weapon against any kind of foe. This was also known to the fighters of Britannia, and so they decided to get their battle-whips enhanced by magic. Enchanted with electrical magic, the Lightning Whip more than doubles in sheer power, shocking the enemy with every hit with a strong electric charge. A truly mean weapon, it can be used to torture people for a long time before death.

Lightning Whips are now somewhat rare these days, having mostly fallen out of use. Several are said to be stored in the dungeon Shame, while another is rumored to be hidden on Buccaneer's Den in the caves of the island.

Trivia Edit

  • Lightning Whips also were found on the Serpent Isle. One can be found behind a secret door under the stairs to Pothos' shop in Moonshade.

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