Linda (U4)
Linda, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Cove
Description: singer

Linda is a singer that lived in Cove during Ultima IV.

The Stranger met Linda outside The Healer Shop, where she was singing with Paul. Linda told the hero that she sang about children. She sang to the Stranger: "All round the world, little children being born to the world. Got to give them all we can 'til the quest is won, then will the work be done!" She also asked the Stranger to help the children by teaching them songs of joy.


  • Linda is a reference to real-life Linda McCartney, wife of the singer Paul McCartney. Paul is a reference to her husband. The lines she sings are the lines following the ones Paul sing, part of his song "Pipes of Peace". In her lines, the word "quest" replaces the original word "war", probably as a reference to the Quest of the Avatar.

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