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The List Field

The List Field is a big arena in Monitor, where the knights of the city train their skills against each other, to keep themselves in top condition. Beside these friendly duels, they also train other people in the art of war... for a price. The List Field offers training for every kind of weapon, and every trainer represents the main characteristics of his command in the way training is achieved.

This training did not amount to the city's salvation when the Goblins, led by the Wantoness Bane, stormed and sacked it.

Trivia Edit

  • The List Field is the main place in Ultima VII Part Two to achieve combat training.
  • Luther has to be fought on the List Field.
  • If you destroy the doors to the List Field (using, for example, a gunpowder keg) the Pikeman who attempts to open them to let you in for training or combat will instead speak a programming error message followed by "Uh... the List Field is closed, come back later!"

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