Lobar, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Killorn Keep

Lobar is a warrior on Killorn Keep who is not happy with what is expected of him - an opinion that derailed his career.

Prior to meeting the Avatar, Lobar was a famous swordsman and even bested Mors Gotha in a duel. That caused the Guardian to take interest in him, so he did his usual mind-whispering to tell Lobar to advance further in the ranks. However, it backfired. When the Guardian directed him to kill innocents and children, he disobeyed and drank himself silly so that he wouldn't have to listen anymore.

His blatant ignorance of one of the Guardian's virtues, Sobriety, didn't help him to make friends. Finding disfavor with the Guardian, he ordered Lobar to be punished by being re-assigned to Killorn Keep as second-in-command, which pretty much was a dead end job.

Lobar was quite depressed when the Avatar met him in Ultima Underworld II. After promising to have a drink with him, Lobar told the Avatar his life story and how he suffered under his superior Relk. Lobar also told the Avatar about the Guardian's virtues, which helped to later dupe Mystell when she asked about the seventh virtue.

However, Lobar's life finally took a turn for the better after the Avatar had killed Relk in combat. Now Lobar was the captain of the guard. He drank less (but still enough to stop the Guardian from taunting him) and even offered the Avatar lessons in sword fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • Lobar is the best sword trainer in the game.

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