• Words of Power: IN WIS
  • Reagents: NS
  • Circle: 2nd

If a Sextant is missing, this spell can substitute.

Casting it, it reveals the exact location of the mage on Britannia in longitude and latitude, the same as a Sextant would do. However, this spell nonetheless is a poor substitute for a Sextant, since Nightshade is rare and expensive and should be used for more useful spells. Over time it becomes so expensive, that simply buying the instrument saves much money in the long run.


In Wis performs the job of a navigator, determining one's precise location in terms of the recently devised concepts of latitude and longitude. Nightshade is its only ingredient, but that nightshade must be encased in glass and kept alive with dew drops until its use is required.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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