Lord Draxinusom
Lord Draxinusom
Lord Draxinusom, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Terfin

Lord Draxinusom [drax-in-oo-som] is the king of the gargoyles in Britannia. However, his formal title amongst gargoyles is "Grand Inquisitor" (seen in Ultima VI on the sign at his house). He is very long-lived and later becomes friends with Lord British and the Avatar.

In Ultima VI, Lord Draxinusom was extremely bitter towards the humans and the Avatar in particular, like all the gargoyles. However, seeing Beh Lem with the Avatar, he accepted the Avatar's surrender, putting the Amulet of Submission on the hero, as it was told to the Avatar by Valkadesh. After the Avatar had returned the Codex to the Void, Draxinusom first thought that the Avatar had stolen it again, but arriving at the Shrine of the Codex he witnessed the wisdom of the Codex together with Lord British and the Avatar. Finally realizing the truth, it was the beginning of friendship.

200 years later, in Ultima VII, Draxinusom was glad to see his friend again and his life had become a quiet one, with the young gargoyles only seldom seeking his guidance and him feeling old. He felt sad due to the Fellowship starting to take root on Terfin, causing some to turn away from their virtues of old, and because he had lost many things important to him. He helped the Avatar by telling where the Ether Ring was. Also, hearing of the murder of Inamo, he told the Avatar to bring these sad news to Teregus, who had raised Inamo like his own son.

He was mentioned in Ultima Underworld II, and it was implied that he seemed to have returned to the political stage after the outlawing of the Fellowship. However, most believed that the humans of Britannia would never accept a gargoyle king.

His final fate is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Draxinusom (Drax-in-us-om) might be translated from Gargish as "Dragon Creating Diligence and Spirituality" or something similar, although the pronunciation used in later games with voice acting doesn't mesh with this interpretation, which would be pronounced drax-in-us-ohm. The Gargish word for dragon, however, is clearly a component of his name.
  • The Guardian sends the Avatar a dream in Ultima Underworld II, in which he gloated that his troops had encountered Lord Draxinusom. However, given that Britannia was in no war during the events of Ultima VII Part Two, it seems likely that this was one of the Guardian's lies.
  • He possesses the second Orb of the Moons (the first belongs to Lord British, the third to the Avatar), but it explodes when the Sphere Generator is destroyed.