Lord Heather
Lord Heather, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Cove

Lord Heather is the mayor of Cove in Ultima VII. He is a relaxed man who gave off the air of a well-liked politician.

The Avatar met him when bringing him the law from Miranda to sign, which forbade the further pollution of Lock Lake. He was glad about that, since the lake was in bad shape, although he remarked the smell wasn't right now as bad as it was during the summer.

He told the Avatar much about Cove and its people, proud of his community and its citizens. He even admitted then he and Jaana, one of the the companions of the Avatar and the town's healer, were in love. He made her promise, that she would return to him in good health. He further revealed the various pairings in Cove, enabling the Avatar to ask the inhabitants about it. He also told the Avatar about Nastassia and her problems, telling the hero that the bard De Maria could give a full explanation of her situation.

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