Lord Zhelkas
Lord Zhelkas, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Furnace

Lord Zhelkas (meaning "Iron Helm") is the ruling King of the Gargoyle population located on Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

The Avatar met him at the eastern drawbridge of Furnace when trying to find the way back to the mainland. Lord Zhelkas was mistrustful against humans, since the knights of Monitor were actively hunting them, but had been told by the Great Earth Serpent (although he didn't know that) to trust the Avatar and help. He went on to bemoan that the knights only wanted to spill their blood and had no desire to let them live in peace.

Zhelkas went on to speak of the recent disasters that he befallen the Serpent Isle, of the dreams that came to the Gargoyles and spoke of the end of the world and how only one hero could stop it. All of his people had fallen into an unnatural sleep and only he had managed to again wake up by sheer force of will. He also told the Avatar of three powerful beings that threatened the land (the Banes of Chaos), which he had seen in his dreams.

Lord Zhelkas wanted to believe the Avatar to be the promised hero, but first he wanted proof in form of a test before he would help. Allowing entrance, he directed the Avatar to the Test of Purity, while speaking of how the Gargoyles had found the city. He also offered the Serpent Ring for passing the test.

The Avatar did manage to pass and Lord Zhelkas kept his word, giving the ring and then triggered the western drawbridge, so that the Avatar could return to Monitor.

Trivia Edit

  • Should the Avatar actually fail the test, then Zhelkas will demand the Everlasting Goblet to be delivered to him in order to prove that it was just a fluke and that the Avatar is the promised hero.

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