Lorthondo is the name of the mad mage who was ‘controlling’ the dungeon known as the Mountains of Freedom on the Serpent Isle continent during Ultima VII Part Two until the Avatar freed Arcadion and directed him to kill Lorthondo. Lorthondo was driven mad by exposure to stoneheart, a reagent precursor found only on the Serpent Isle continent, and which is known to drive mages mad with long exposure. He entered the Mountains of Freedom originally to mine for stoneheart, for the purpose of converting it to blood spawn. He succeeded in this enterprise, and remained within the dungeons voluntarily to defend his mining operation. He lived within the dungeon in relative opulence, and had at least one throne, possibly indicating that he considered himself to hold dominion over the dungeon. It is made clear before he dies that he knows the way out, and prevents others from leaving. Whether he was paid by the MageLord to keep prisoners within the dungeon is not known.

Lorthondo’s skills included but were not limited to using the death of one of his human minions to raise a Skeletal Dragon. Immediately prior to his death, he acted in a way that most would probably consider "evil". Whether this behavior is due only to stoneheart exposure, or whether he was naturally of an evil temperament, is also not known.

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