Monsieur Loubet
Monsieur Loubet, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Serpent's Hold

Monsieur Loubet is a fighter in Serpent's Hold in Ultima V and Ultima VI.

The Avatar first met Monsieur Loubet in Serpent's Hold during the tyrannical reign of Lord Blackthorn. Loubet told the Avatar that he came from a far away land on a magic carpet. Not knowing the rarity of this item in Britannia, he sold the carpet to Bandaii of Paws. Loubet found Bandaii to be a most unusual man, always looking for the talking horse Smith.

The Avatar met Monsieur Loubet again during the gargoyle crisis chronicled in Ultima VI. Loubet was employed as the fencing instructor for Serpent's Hold, but felt that most of the young warriors of Britannia lacked finesse in their fighting style. Loubet quickly recognized that the Avatar possessed superior dexterity, and was excited to teach him a lesson in combat. The Avatar benefited greatly from this experience.


  • Monsieur Loubet was named after veteran Origin employee Denis Loubet, who was responsible for creating most of the artwork for the early Ultima series. Loubet himself provided the character's voice in the FM-Towns version of Ultima VI.

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