Lucilla, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

Lucilla was the proprietor of the Slashing Sword, a pub in the city of Monitor on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

A Knight of the city and member of the Wolf Command, Lucilla's primary duties involved owning and operating the city's pub, the Slashing Sword. An important responsibility of this position was that it was her task to prepare the banquet stew for new Knights, using the meat taken from whatever totem animal they had slain in the Knight's Test. Lucilla's job was a familial one, as her great-grandfather (once a Champion Knight of the city) had founded the pub. Her father had also been a skilled warrior, slaying a Goblin chieftain and claiming its Gwani Cloak. The Cloak was passed on to Lucilla, who considered it one of her greatest possessions. She considered cooking and serving the many Knights to be a Quest of Courage in and of itself.

A huge flirt, Lucilla was disillusioned by most of the men of the city. She believed that Monitor had lost its way by becoming too obsessed with greed and glory, feeling like the Knights would rather battle one another than stand united against the threat of the Goblins. She absolutely despised Luther, despite his advances, though she may have briefly had a fling with Brendann. She longed for a lover and a Champion Knight who could unite the people through his shining example of virtue.

Like most of the people of Monitor, Lucilla was killed when the Bane of Wantoness (possessing the body of Dupre) conquered the city at the head of a huge army of Goblins and other ferocious monsters.


  • If the Avatar is male, Lucilla will offer a "rendezvous" after the pub closes at 3:00AM. If the Avatar sleeps with her, she will give him her family Gwani cloak the following morning as a token of her affection.

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