Lucy (U9)


This article is about an NPC in Ultima IX. For an NPC in Ultima VII, see Lucy.

Lucy is a barmaid in Yew and the brother of Peiter of Britain in Ultima IX.

Before she was willing to sell the Avatar a drink, she required the Avatar to sign a 'Drunkard's Release Form', which absolved the bar of all responsibility in the event of a patron hurting themselves while drunk. She said that after the bar owner, Jean-Paul, was successfully sued by a drunken patron who became injured, the release form was a necessity.

Lucy was hesitant to talk overly much about the courthouse, only telling the Avatar it was located to the northeast.

After the Shrine of Justice was cleansed, Lucy no longer requested patrons to sign a form, instead they were expected to take responsibility for themselves.


Goods Cost
Ale 20gp
Britannian Rum 35gp
Dark Ale 25gp
Jean Paul's Finest 40gp
Lucy's Surprise 45gp
Ol' Yew Wine 35gp
Whiskey 10gp

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