Lydia, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

This article is about an NPC in Ultima VII Part II. For and NPC in Ultima IX, see Lydia (U9).

Lydia was a Knight and tattoo artist of Monitor, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

A member of the Bear Command, Lydia was a tattoo artist who had been taught her craft from her mother. Swirls of ink were tattooed all over her body. When Lydia was eight, her older sister, Selina, was taken by a "warlock" of Moonshade to be raised as a Mage. Lydia's mother was devastated at the lost and eventually died from the grief.

Lydia passed the Knight's Test at age fifteen and quickly settled into her role as tattoo artist for Monitor. Her primary responsibility was to supply the tattoo for Knights who passed the test, depending on which Command they entered.

Lydia was reunited with Selina years later. Selina had come to work for the sage Batlin, who was expecting the Avatar to pursue him from Britannia, and she came to Monitor and joyfully met her sister. Selina recruited Lydia to help her in assassinating the Avatar if the hero arrived. Selina then went to the Inn of the Sleeping Bull in case the Avatar did not come to Monitor. Lydia seduced Shmed, the administrator of the Knight's Test, to rig the test with magical traps and creatures should the Avatar attempt to pass it. The Avatar arrived in Monitor soon thereafter and, despite Shmed's traps, prevailed in the Test (Shmed was then killed when he personally tried to slay the Avatar).

The unsuspecting Avatar came to Lydia for his Wolf tattoo. Lydia gave him the tattoo, but used the opportunity to poison the Avatar. Unfortunately for Lydia, the poison acted too slowly, and the Avatar was able to find a cure thanks to Delphynia of Fawn. Suspecting she had been the source of the poison, the Avatar immediately confronted Lydia, who denounced the Avatar as a servant of "Beast British." She pulled a poisoned dagger, but was quickly cut down by the Avatar.

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