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Lyssandra, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Lyssandra is a waitress in Jhelom in Ultima VI.

The Avatar met young Lyssandra serving at the 'Sword and Keg' tavern in Jhelom. A tough young child, she was proud of her male nickname 'Andy', and dreamed of growing up and becoming a famous warrior. She clearly had to be tough girl to serve the rough patrons that frequented Jhelom.

It was Lyssandra who suggested to the Avatar that Sherry the Mouse might be the ideal individual to retrieve the Rune of Valor after it was stolen by a large rat. Lyssandra was quite familiar with the song of valor sung by Culham, Jerris, and Stelnar. Lyssandra told the Avatar that she thought Stelnar was a nice man, but always angry, and that Jerris was a brave man.

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