creating the M60


Paperdoll-style mock-up of the M60

The M60 Machine Gun is a truly fearsome weapon. A 7.62mm belt-fed machine of death, it was used in the last quarter of the 20th century on Earth.

When the Avatar confronted the evil Raxachk in the Dream-World in Martian Dreams, the villain had shielded himself from harm with a crystal barrier. He gloated that thanks to his psychometric powers he knew of all the weapons mankind was able to create, after analyzing all objects of the expeditions. His barrier was specifically made to protect against exactly these weapons.

However, the overconfident martian didn't know that the Avatar came from 100 years in the future, and therefore knew of much more powerful weapons. The Avatar used Dreamstuff to create an M60 Machine Gun and, with it, easily penetrated the barrier, shooting Raxachk to pieces.

Lore Edit

Thank goodness for modern weaponry. I don't think that anything smaller than that M60 would have hurt the maniacal Martian. While killing intelligent creatures should never be the purpose of a hero, I believe (and I support him in this) that the Avatar felt justified in this case, knowing that the fate of the rest of the Martian race, and possibly the human race also, depended on the return of that fuel and the permanent retirement of this madman.

- from The Lost Notebooks of Nellie Bly (Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams)

Trivia Edit

  • The M60 has unlimited ammo.

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