Magenta, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Magenta is the mayor of New Magincia in Ultima VII. She is married to Boris, the tavern keeper of the city. Despite having not much to do on the isle, she takes her job very seriously.

She became mayor some years ago when her father, the mayor then, passed away. Since then, people wanted her to keep the job. The Avatar met her in Ultima VII, and she mentioned a group of strangers, consisting of Robin, Battles and Leavell, that had become shipwrecked on the island not long ago. She also told the Avatar a lot about the various inhabitants.

After the Avatar had confronted Boris with the knowledge about Henry's locket, the Avatar recognized the locket as the one Magenta wore. She had thought Boris intended it as a gift for her, but after being told that it was stolen, she was outraged and returned it to the Avatar, saying that her husband would be in for a lot of trouble for this stunt.

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