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Magery in Ultima Online is basically the ability to cast magic. Without it, even the biggest mana pool is useless. The skill could also be called "casting", as it determines the chance of successfully casting the spell in question. It is the central skill for magic, but not the only important one. There are four more skills that a good mage needs. More about that below.

For the spells of Magery, see: Ultima Online Magery Spells.

Training Edit

In the table, the entries have the following meaning:

  • Circle: The circle of magic desired.
  • Minimum Skill: Minimum skill to cast in this circle, however, only gives a measly 1% success chance.
  • Maximum Skill: Skill level that always ensures 100% success (the last towo circles never have 100% success).
  • Minimum INT: The minimum Intelligence needed for this circle.
  • Best spell to train with: Which spell to cast to reach this level (the spell is always in the level below).
Circle Minimum Skill Maximum Skill Minimum INT Best Spell to train with
1 0 41 4 Train at NPC mage
2 0 51 6 Train at NPC mage
3 10 61 9 Fireball
4 24 71 11 Lightning, Mana Drain
5 38 81 14 Paralyze
6 52 91 20 Reveal
7 67 -- 40 Flamestrike
8 81 -- 50 Earthquake

Other Magic Skills Edit

Also, besides magery, four other skills are important for the aspiring mage:

  • Evaluate Intelligence: increases the damage of offensive spells (otherwise they never go over 10 damage).
  • Meditation: determines the rate of mana regeneration.
  • Inscription: how great the success rate of scribing scrolls into the spellbook is.
  • Resisting Spells: determines how much cursing spells effect the player.

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