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Magic Mentar

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Magic Mentar
Type: Apothecary
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Magic Mentar is an apothecary in Buccaneer's Den which, during Ultima IV, was run by Shannon.

The shop was protected from entry by an energy field just outside its secret entrance, and an unexplained balron immediately charged the Stranger upon the hero's entry, making it impossible to shop for reagents without dealing with the creature. No further mention was made of this beast; the only hint to its existence was a vague warning from the mage, Ignap, prior to the Stranger's appearance in the shop.

Goods Edit

Reagents Cost
Sulphurous Ash 6gp
Ginseng 7gp
Garlic 9gp
Spider Silk 9gp
Blood Moss 9gp
Black Pearl 1gp

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Mentar" in this shop's name may be a subtle nod to the spell from Ultima III which, at the time, was equivalent to the Fireball spell.

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