The Magical Cloak saves the day

In Ultima II, nasty magics threaten to quickly end the quest of the Stranger; Magics that can hamper one's movement, ability to fight back, or both!

However, there exist certain pieces of magical equipment which can prevent these abilities from taking effect. They can be found at random, after certain foes are defeated. None are guaranteed to work every time, and if they do, the item's protective quality is instantly used up. They are nonetheless extremely useful in the quest to defeat Minax.

Magical Boots Edit

These boots protect from paralysis of the legs (preventing movement), as Daemons like to do.

Magical Cloak Edit

This cloak protects from paralysis of the arms (preventing attacks), as Devils like to do.

Green Idol Edit

This magical item prevents the sleep magic of a Balron (which negates both movement and attacks!) from working.

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