Malloy and Owings
Malloy and Owings, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Covetous

Malloy and Owings are two simpletons working in the mines of Covetous in Ultima VII. Malloy is the smarter of the two, but he tends to have fits of rage. Owings is the dumber one. Beside their stupidity, they are both really clumsy.

When the Avatar met them deep within the Covetous mines, it took a while to find out the real backstory of these self-styled "engineers". Apparently they were both fooled by Sullivan to pay 100 gold pieces for a supposed treasure map, leading them to Covetous. Too bad for them that when they started digging, the Britannian Mining Company threatened to throw them into jail in Yew for claim jumping and only by offering their services to the lead worker, Mikos, they avoided this fate. Mikos did not appear to have a high opinion of them, and detailed them to dig a tunnel between Minoc and New Magincia with spoons.

Malloy and Owings were still busy with this task, when the Avatar met them. However, their clumsiness met them with bumps and bruises. Furthermore, the ceiling threatened to come down and they argued about their helmets. So the Avatar left them alone and went on.

Trivia Edit

  • Malloy and Owings could be modelled after Laurel and Hardy. The way these two look like and how they act fits perfect.
  • These two simpletons sent Lord British a helmet. There is no indication of what happened to it.

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