Mandy, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Mandy is a woman in her mid-fifties who runs the tavern on Buccaneer's Den in Ultima VII.

Before welcoming everyone to the "Fallen Virgin", Mandy recognised Dupre, and hoped that his book about taverns would soon be finished. Asked about her unusual name, she admitted that in her younger years she'd been a prostitute. She offered information about everyone on the island, and proved to be a spring of information as she was one of the few honest people on the island.

Specifically she revealed:

  • Hook was indeed living on the island, and visited the tavern sometimes. Mandy warned to not cross him, as she knew how dangerous he was, telling the story of the cheater Duncan who was mostly likely killed and dismembered by Hook last year.
  • Lucky was a former cheater, who now made money by teaching others how to cheat.
  • She felt that Budo was a little too arrogant.
  • She was ignorant of Danag's true evil.
  • She felt that Syntag had surely already killed, and she warned to not cross him.
  • She knew only little about Gordy and Smithy
  • She told the Avatar in amusement, that for a pimp, Glenno was all right.
  • She'd heard that Wench got her position by winning a contest. (Playing at the real-life Immortality Contest)

She of course also offered the services of her tavern: food, drinks and a room.

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