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Margareta, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Margareta is a gypsy fortune teller, and the wife of Jergi. She is encamped outside of Minoc.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar encountered Margareta shortly about the mutilation killings of her brother-in-law, Frederico, and her sister-in-law, Tania. She was grieved by their loss, and was concerned that their son, Sasha, was being led astray by the Fellowship, which she strongly distrusted.[1]

She would read the hero's fortune for a sum of twenty gold coins, and was able to reveal that the Avatar would need to join the Fellowship in order to learn more about them and that a new peril was threatening Britannia. She also detected the disturbance of the ether; the significance of the astrological alignment and the need to contact Brion; the pursuit of Hook and his ultimate insignificance in coming events; and the necessity of contacting the Time Lord and the wisps.[2]


  • Without Margareta's advice, the Avatar cannot advance the plot, as her dialogue triggers the ability to ask Trellek for the Wisp Whistle.
  • If the Avatar is male, Margareta with also see a woman standing near a shrine who is in love with the hero. This references Nastassia.[2]


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