Marissa Trihune
Marissa Trihune, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Paws

Marissa Trihune is a clothier in Paws in Ultima VI.

Marissa was a haughty seamstress who felt that her clothes were too good for the Avatar. She felt that her clothes were good enough to see the king in, and that the Avatar would simply get them covered in mud and dungeon slime. She even went as far as to demand the Avatar address her as Miss Trihune. She did speak highly of Arbeth though, insisting that his thread was the best available. Even though she was not much of a gossip, Dorin and Grison were more than happy to talk about her superiority complex. Young Merideth also found Marissa to be a cold woman.

Despite her haughtiness, Marissa helped the Avatar by sewing silk cloth into a large cloth bag, so that the Avatar could build a hot air balloon.

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