Marta, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Skara Brae

Marta is a rose seller in Skara Brae in Ultima VI.

Marta was a friendly, plump older woman who was married to Gideon, the innkeeper of the 'Haunting Inn'. An avid gardener, she was proud of the beautiful roses she grew in her garden. Despite her complaints about her husband, the two seemed to be still in love after many years. Gideon told the Avatar a tale about how he first met his wife at the Shrine of Spirituality, and the two of them immediately fell in love. After Quenton's wife Elisabeth was murdered, Marta and her husband agreed to look after Quenton and Marney. She spoke highly of Marney, and believed her to be a wonderful young woman.

Marta had recently been spooked by the appearance Quenton's ghostly form hovering about at night, and had been too afraid to leave her room.


  • It is quite likely Gideon's tale is false since the Shrine of Spirituality is hidden within the Ethereal Void, and few know of its mysterious location.

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