Mass Charm

  • Words of Power: VAS AN XEN EX
  • Reagents: MR, BP, NS, SS
  • Circle: 7th

What if the caster encounters a whole group of evil-minded creatures too mighty to fight? Then this stronger version of the Charm-spell comes into play. In older times known as "Jinx", the Mass Charm will ensnare the entire group of foes, clouding their minds to turn them against each other. In the end, they will kill each other, with the last survivor too weakened to be a threat against the mage.

Thus it is one of the most potent spells available.


There are but two enchantments more powerful and difficult than the Jinx spell, and but one of similar potency. When faced with a closely packed horde of enemies, mix together equal quantities of Black Pearl, deadly Nightshade, and the crimson Mandrake Root to cast at your opponents. Call to their attention the vulnerability of their backs and weave the magic. They shall turn and smite each other as if each was alone in a crowd of mortal foes. The Black Pearl shall carry your spell to their very midst, while the hallucinatory might of the Nightshade will confound them beyond the boundaries of common sense. Mandrake Root lends the power of conviction to their misconceptions. The duration of the enchantment is varied, but throughout its course the spellcaster will be reminded of its potency by the presence of a glowing “J". Be warned, however, that the casting of the Jinx spell requires great exertion.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Quas An Wis turns a foe's orderly, well-planned attack into bedlam. Confusion reigns and creatures strike out at whomever is nearest, regardless of loyalty. Extremely effective against the likes of rats and Orcs, Quas An Wis loses much of its impact against more intelligent monsters, which are often capable of recognizing and resisting it. A mix of rare mandrake root and nightshade, the cloud of Quas An Wis works only for experienced mages.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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