• Words of Power: VAS CORP
  • Reagents: GS, MR, NS, GA, BM
  • Circle: 8th

A real last resort kind of spell!

Should all other ways of dealing with the caster's foe fail, if the party is surrounded by enemies ready to strike them down, then -- and only then -- should this spell be used. Once cast, it leeches on the life force of the caster and their companions, to create a literal wave of death. The end result is as amazing as it is horrible. All the foes in sight are instantly slaughtered.

The huge dangers involved in this spell should be a warning, since it could easily cause the caster's death if already weakened!

Trivia Edit

  • In game mechanics, the spell reduces the hit points of the party members to a minimum, the screen turns red for 1-2 seconds, then all foes die. In these seconds, things can go really wrong when casting the spell.

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