Maul, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Britain
Description: guard captain

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Maul is the guard captain of Britain in Ultima V: Lazarus.

A blunt and angry man, Maul was willing to share little information with the Avatar. He was proud of his position in the Oppression, and was pleased to serve Lord Blackthorn, stating how when anyone talked about the "good ole' days" of Lord British, they soon changed their tone if he approached. He and Lord Petyr could be found in the Oppression treasury below Lord Petyr's house at midnight, and if the Avatar disturbed their inspection of the gold, they would immediately attack.[1][2]

Despite Maul's cold hard countenance, he still held affection towards his former nursemaid Donya, even preventing his men from burning down the Wayfarer's Inn, when they threatened to harm the tavernkeeper. Maul could be found in the Wayfarer's late at night, heavily drunk, and crying how everyone in Britain feared him but his nursemaid.

If the Avatar received the Black Badge from Elistaria, Maul would be far more talkative with the hero, mentioning that he ran Britain while Lord Petyr merely played at being mayor. The Guard Captain believed that it took a thief to catch a thief, so he had decided to run the criminal activities in Britain, hoping to root out Gwenno, Iolo, Greyson, and the ghost which supposedly haunted the Wayfarer's Inn. Maul believed Iolo ran throughout Britannia searching for Lord British, trying to summon the Avatar, and generally making himself a nuisance. Gwenno's continued refusal to supply weapons for the Oppression irritated Maul, and he felt that Greyson walked a fine line and would soon be clasped in irons.

The Avatar could choose to report Vigil as head of the Resistance cell in Britain, leading to the woman's disappearance.[3]


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