Melino, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Melino is the husband of Columna of Moonshade. An elderly mage who is easily duped, he is met in Ultima VII Part Two.

At first Melino didn't want to speak with the Avatar in Ultima VII Part Two, since he didn't deem non-mages worthy of conversation. After the Avatar got a replacement Spellbook, Melino was willing to talk.

Melino showed a grave disregard for non-mages, saying that they were only little better than animals, while at the same time showing early signs of dementia. He also displayed an inflated opinion of himself and his talents, while having an unusually good opinion of the arrogant mage Torrissio. Melino spoke of Gwenno coming through Moonshade some months ago and how he'd sent her to Fedabiblio for information.

Melino was pretty blind to the nature of his wife and thought of her as the picture of innocence in person, having no idea that she manipulated him at every possible moment. Melino was also willing to sell the Avatar spells.

Some days later, after Shamino the Anarch had usurped power, Melino died in the battles between the mages.

Trivia Edit

  • Mentioning the stockings that had appeared during one of the teleport storms results in Melino never again talking to the Avatar.

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